GanzWorld Reward Prizes!

Check it out!  These prizes are available to win with GanzWorld Rewards!

Webkinz GanzWorld Rewards Prizes: Red Floppy Hat, White Floppy Hat, Letter to Santakinz, Reindeer Slippers, Magnolda Tree, Enchanted Tiara, Santakinz Dining Chair, Hickory Clock!


Webkinz Friends GanzWorld Rewards Prizes: Kinzville Street Lamp, Forget-Me-Nots, Yellow Marigolds, Magic W Sign, School District Sign, Magnificent Menorah, North Pole Lamp Post, Hickory Clock, Red & Green Townhouse



Tail Towns Friends GanzWorld Rewards Prizes: Skating Gnome, Delicata Squash, Arctic Papa Snome, Arctic Lil’ Snome, Red Rover Shed, Red Rover Tractor,
Home Harvest Flatbed, Holiday Tree, Crofter’s Cottage


Amazing World GanzWorld Rewards Prizes: Green Jean Skirt, Red Jeans, Blue Gloves, Red Oven Mitts, Purple Jean Jacket, Yellow Posey Shirt, Cool Cowboy Shirt
White Cowboy Hat, Elf Hat, Elf Jacket

Nakamas GanzWorld Rewards Prizes: Potted Posy, Painted Easel, Cozy Coverlet, Fab Slab Coffee Table, Divine Divan, Cool Chrome Chandelier




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