Brand New GanzWorld Rewards Items are here!

Great news!


There are some awesome new prizes on GanzWorld Rewards for January!


You can get all of the prizes in the images below (right now!) by saving up your Moneyz and transferring them from your GanzWorld account to the game account of your choice!


Check out the other Newz sites to see which items are your favorites! Amazing World, Tail Towns Friends, Webkinz, and Webkinz Friends!


So take a look at all the awesome prizes that are available, pick your favorites, and start cashing in your Moneyz!




Moneyz can be exchanged for prizes in any Ganz game (Webkinz, Amazing World, Nakamas, Tail Towns Friends, & Webkinz Friends) right on GanzWorld via the drop down log in menu, or by clicking ‘Spend your Moneyz!’ on the left side of any page.

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