Introducing a brand new iOS game from Ganz: Frocket!

Introducing a brand new iOS game from Ganz: Frocket!


Frocket is the most pulse-pounding, fire-flying, jet-packing game starring a swamp creature since… EVER! So strap on your rocket and crank your awesome notch to mach-chicken!

  • Blast-off to solve puzzles, explore levels, and zap past danger to capture finely frostedcupcakes! Cupcakes? Mmm!
  • Did we talk stars yet? Capture the 3 big, bad, shiny stars in each insane level to unlock even more insane levels and entire freakin’ worlds!
  • Oh and there’s fireflies out there too! Trade these sizzling insects for death-defying power-ups to keep Frocket rockin’ it all day long!
  • You can also finally prove to your friends that you’re better than them by earning achievements and crushing their pathetic records in Score Attack Mode.

Stay tuned for more levels, more worlds, and more cupcakes. Frocket don’t stop!

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