Announcing the Worldwide Day of Play!

Playing Webkinz Pets

Hey everyone! There’s something special happening on September 24th 2011, and it’s all about encouraging YOU to get outside and play!

Webkinz is supporting Nickelodeon’s 8th annual Worldwide Day of Play. It’s a day when children across North America turn off their TVs, gadgets and computers to get active, and get healthy.

On Saturday September 24th from 12pm to 3pm (EST) both Webkinz World and the Nickelodeon channel will be shutting down, so you won’t miss any fun while you’re outside playing.

At 12pm (EST) a few of our well-known Kinzville citizens will be helping us turn off Webkinz World, that will be YOUR cue to begin a fun activity or game that will get your body moving.

What’s more? At 3pm (EST) when you log back on at Webkinz World, you’ll receive an awesome virtual prize.

Need some ideas on fun activities? Over the last few weeks on Webkinz Newz we’ve posted some articles about getting healthy, which you can find here.

Please let us know about your favorite physical activity in the comments.

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