Play in Kinzville on Facebook!

Hey Parents and Teens…  Play in Kinzville on Facebook!

Great news for all the teen and adult fans of Webkinz World – now you can raise a big family of pets in the Kinzville of your dreams.

Announcing Webkinz Friends! An all-new social game that’s free to play on Facebook.

You’ll be able to build buildings, add amazing decorations, complete goals to earn prizes and adopt Webkinz pets to enhance your experience.

Adopt a Webkinz plush pet in Webkinz Friends and you’ll get the pet’s special item for your family’s home! You’ll also receive your choice of KinzCash or a new room!

As you play, you’ll earn exciting prizes to send back to a Webkinz World account – imagine how excited your child or sibling would be to receive a special gift from you, just for them.

So play Webkinz Friends on Facebook today – and let us know what you think!

UPDATE: Webkinz Friends will soon be available to play on the iPad too!  Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for more details!

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