Nakamas, a World of Friendship Online

Ganz is pleased to announce the launch of a cool new site! Introducing Nakamas, a soft and colorful online world all about friendship, where you can express your creativity by creating beautiful and unique virtual Friendship Bracelets to share with your friends!

On entering Nakamas, one of the first new friends you make is Karmalee, a monkey with big ideas and an even bigger heart! Karmalee’s here today to tell us all about the world of Nakamas.

Karmalee, welcome to Ganz World!

Karmalee: I’m thrilled to be here to tell you all about Nakamas!

We hear that crafting plays a big part in Nakamas.

Karmalee: Absolutely! Friendship Bracelets are our truest expression of friendship in Nakamas. That’s why we each have a Crafting Station where we design custom Friendship Bracelets to share with our friends. And we can grow everything we need to make Friendship Bracelets in our Gardens!

In your Garden?

Karmalee: Oh yeah! We each have our very own Clubhouse with a Yard and a Garden where we can grow cool ingredients and beautiful colors that we use to craft our bracelets. The heart of our Clubhouse is the Friend Den. Our Friend Den holds all the stuff we need to be a great friend, like our Crafting Station and our Message Board.

Your Clubhouse sounds awesome!

Karmalee: I know, right? And that’s not all – we have a Room in our Clubhouse that we can decorate however we want! Feltridge Market holds all kinds of funky furniture and decorations for our Room and our Yard, so we can really express our style (I’m into cool shades myself!)

Nakamas sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Karmalee: Well, it’s not ALL fun and games – sometimes it’s games and fun! In order to find your way around Nakamas you get to complete challenging games that give you amazing prizes, like crafting ingredients or cool items for your Clubhouse. And I hear that Gryphon – he’s this guy I know – has been working on something top secret that will give us even more chances to play games and win. But sssh! That’s just between us!

Can you tell us about anyone else we might come across in your world?

Karmalee: Oh, totally! I can’t wait for you to meet some of my friends – Primrose, who is an awesome crafter, and Jassy. Jassy can dance and play music and loves to garden. Myself, I love games and I’m also something of an ideas girl – I’m always looking for someone to help me out with my ambitious projects. Together Jassy, Prim and I get up to some wacky adventures and there’s nothing we’d love more than to have some new friends along for the ride!

Well, thanks so much, Karmalee, for taking time out from your crafting, decorating and playing games with your friends to tell us all about the enchanting world of Nakamas! We’re especially excited because, in addition to offering adorable plush toys that you can use to create an account, right now Nakamas is free-to-play, so register today to explore this magical world! Karmalee and her friends await you!

Visit today!

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