GanzWorld Rewards Items: Amazing World

Pink Shirt Plain, simple, and stylish. 1,250 Moneyz
Tutu Dance the day away in the Spring Zone! 2,000 Moneyz
Blue Baseball Cap The blue team is known for their speed! 1,000 Moneyz
Purple Sports Shirt Perfect for playing tag in the Spring Zone! 1,250 Moneyz
Red Baseball Shirt Zings love playing for the red team! 1,250 Moneyz
Amazing World Varsity Jacket Show off your spirit in this cozy jacket! 2,000 Moneyz
Pink Umbrella Hat Don’t wait for rain to wear this cool hat! 2,250 Moneyz
Red Rocker Jacket Hit all the right notes in this rockin’ jacket! 2,500 Moneyz
Blue Hoodie This simple hoodie will keep your Zing toasty. 1,500 Moneyz
Green Button Up Shirt A classy shirt to wear to dinner at Cannoli’s Café. 1,250 Moneyz
Knight Helmet Having a bad hair day? No one will know! 2,000 Moneyz
Knight Armor Dress your Zing up like a proud knight! 3,000 Moneyz
Knight Pants Who knew metal pants were so slimming? 1,000 Moneyz
Knight Boots Tired of stubbing your toe? Wear these boots! 500 Moneyz
Knight Gloves Never break a nail in a joust again! 750 Moneyz
Knight Shield Wear this stylish shield on your back. 2,000 Moneyz
Enchanted Tiara Your Zing will feel like a princess! 2,500 Moneyz
Castle Throne Your Zing will look very regal on this throne! 3,500 Moneyz
Tech Pack Cosmo designed this high-tech backpack himself! 3,000 Moneyz
Fine Fisher’s Cap This cap is practically a tackle box! 500 Moneyz
Fine Fisher’s Sweater This fish friendly sweater is great for any season! 1,000 Moneyz
Fine Fisher’s Coat A fine coat for all fishing voyages! 2,000 Moneyz
Green Stitch Jeans These jeans are a new twist on an old favorite. 750 Moneyz
Purple Gloves Watch your Zing fall in love with these gloves! 750 Moneyz
Blue Rocker Jacket Start a band with your friends in the Spring Zone! 3,000 Moneyz
Green Tuxedo Shirt What’s classier than a Tuxedo Shirt? A Green Tuxedo Shirt! 1,500 Moneyz
Madder Hatter Jacket This crazy coat will attract lots of attention! 3,500 Moneyz
Purple Bandana Need a new look? Try this bandana and a Rocker Jacket! 500 Moneyz
Pink Jean Skirt A fun skirt for fun Zings! 700 Moneyz
Ski Jacket Zings love going on ski trips! 1,500 Moneyz
Snowflake Hoodie Finally! A hoodie to wear with your Snowflake Gloves! 1,000 Moneyz
Elf Jacket Share the holiday spirit with your Zings! 1,000 Moneyz
Elf Hat ‘Tis the season for giving in Amazing World! 1,000 Moneyz
White Cowboy Hat Ride into town and enjoy a nice ice cream cone! 1,000 Moneyz
Cool Cowboy Shirt Rustle up some fun in this vibrant cowboy shirt! 800 Moneyz
Yellow Posey Shirt Bloom helped design this fancy floral shirt! 800 Moneyz
Purple Jean Jacket Most Zings have a passion for purple fashion! 800 Moneyz
Red Oven Mitts 100% Cannoli-Approved oven mitts! 500 Moneyz
Blue Gloves Keep your fingers warm and your hands stylish! 500 Moneyz
Red Jeans Tired of Blue Jeans? Here’s the solution! 800 Moneyz
Green Jean Skirt Keep it fun and casual in this Green Jean Skirt! 500 Moneyz

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